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  • Private Property Rights
    Protection and Empowerment: I am dedicated to safeguarding the rights of property owners, ensuring that individuals have the autonomy to make decisions regarding their properties without undue interference. Legislative Initiatives: Supporting legislation that strengthens property rights, streamlines regulations, and fosters an environment where property owners can thrive.
  • Traditional Family Values
    Supporting Strong Families: Recognizing the importance of family as the cornerstone of our community, I advocate for policies that strengthen familial bonds and support the well-being of South Dakota families. Community Engagement: Actively engaging with constituents to address the unique challenges faced by families, and working collaboratively to find solutions to uphold our shared values.
  • Rights of Gun Owners
    Defending Second Amendment Rights: As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I am committed to protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners in our state. Advocacy and Education: Engaging in advocacy efforts to preserve the Second Amendment, while also promoting responsible firearm ownership and training through educational initiatives.
  • Local Control
    Autonomy for Communities: Government works best when it is closest to the people, because government derives its power from the consent of the governed. Legislative Collaboration: Working collaboratively with local representatives and officials to understand and address the specific concerns of our district.
  • Decreased State Government Growth
    Efficient Resource Allocation: Advocating for responsible and efficient use of taxpayer resources, ensuring that taxes stay low and government spending is focused within the proper role of government. Minimizing Bureaucracy: Supporting measures to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and streamline government processes, promoting a more efficient and accountable state government.
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