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About Tina

Tina Mulally's Dedicated Commitment to South Dakota's Future.

Tina Mulally, devoted wife to Dan and mother of two grown children, actively engages in the Black Hills community, driven by a profound commitment to helping others. Her decision to serve in the House of Representatives stems from a genuine desire to uplift her community.

Drawing on personal experiences as both an employee and a small business owner, Tina intimately understands the challenges imposed by tax increases and government regulations on hardworking families. Committed to action, she pledges to maintain tax stability and streamline bureaucratic processes, fostering an environment where businesses thrive and future generations benefit from job growth.

Tina's dedication to education springs from her experiences as a mother and grandmother, deeply invested in the growth and development of her family. She recognizes education as a transformative journey, a gateway to life's opportunities. Firmly believing in the local handling of education, Tina asserts that South Dakotans, with their traditions and values, are best suited to determine the educational needs of their families.

Her love for South Dakota, dedication to preserving family values, and unwavering commitment to the right to life underscore Tina's advocacy. She ardently supports the best interests of the state and its families, striving to create a future that aligns with our shared values.

Tina's principled nature defines her character. Transparent and forthright, she communicates her stance on issues with clarity and authenticity. Her approach is marked by a commitment to integrity – promises made are promises kept.


In her service, Tina exemplifies a steadfast dedication to the well-being and prosperity of South Dakota and its people.

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